Aimee Jo's Review of Walking Home by Sonia Choquette

In Walking Home, Sonia Choquette, a renowned spiritual teacher, brings the reader on a 34-day pilgrimage through Europe via the historical Camino de Santiago trail. Her autobiographical narrative is a transformational one, and I felt as if we were travel partners on the 500-mile journey together. As we walked I could not help noticing that the environmental conditions mirrored our internal landscape of thoughts and feelings - the rough, the lovely, and everything in between. She shared experiences of loss that I could relate to, and her honest introspection created space for new awareness. Being with her reflective process carried me to find forgiveness and healing perspective in my own relationships. Even without lugging actual gear or getting blistered feet, the trek challenged my perseverance and I often summoned patience to bear the details. It was a worthwhile journey and I am glad to have stuck with it. I appreciate Choquette's inclusion of pilgrimage photos in the book and admire her vulnerability, heart-warming tenderness, and sense of humor. I also had fun finding metaphor in the everyday happenings. Here are some of my take-aways:

  • Reflect kindness and gratitude of heart in all relationships.  
  • Set prayerful intentions and keep listening for Spirit's guidance.
  • Mine seemingly negative encounters for their gold. 
  • Know when to honor the wisdom of silence.
  • Appreciate the gift of learning from the stories and errors of others.
  • See everyone as a fellow pilgrim and respect their chosen paths.
  • Eat what is offered when hungry and move along. 
  • Focus and go slow enough to pay attention to signs.
  • Pack light and share what is no longer essential.
  • Savor being in each moment rather than collecting stamps and souvenirs. 
  • Eliminate all that does not support reaching the desired destination. 
  • Overcome toxic pride, blame, and judgment.
  • Make more room for grace, always.

After a brief career in aerospace engineering, Aimee Jo enjoyed having a small art business and earning a master's degree in art therapy and counseling. She is now tending a budding metaphysical practice and learning to draw. She likes reading biographies and all kinds of inspirational books.