Over the past few decades our culture has moved away from what is real and gravitated toward the artificial. You see it in our food, our homes, our communication, and in our communities. It used to be that a farmer was the neighbor of the people he grew food for. He knew what his customers wanted and needed because he talked with them directly. He faced the people at church and in the market so he felt an obligation and a commitment to be the best farmer he could be. Today, we are so far removed from the source of things that there is very little sense of concern and responsibility for each other. This is true in almost every area of life.  

It may not seem that important to buy books locally. What differences does it really make anyway? The truth is, Indie bookstores help cultivate strong communities. They are places for people to come together and experience the joy and wonder of books. Just like food sustains the body, books help inform and strengthen the mind and soul. A good bookstore gives the customer a local place to explore what they need to nourish their hearts. The bookstore becomes the connecting place for like minds and people of shared interests. It networks readers with the right books and encourages us to dig deeper into the fertile soil of our minds. Indie bookstores help communities grow stronger better people by providing a space to explore and learn together.